Volunteer Testimonial | Darrin Andrews

I’ve been volunteering at Samaritan House for the last couple of years now and it’s been said that “everyone has a story” here. Well, I’ve met some of the most interesting people and heard some of the most amazing life stories in my time as a volunteer. Some have been inspiring while some have been heartbreaking, but all have reminded me that we are all basically the same and sometimes our experiences craft our situations differently in life.


The homeless situation in our country seems so overwhelming and complex. It’s hard to know where to start or what you can do. Samaritan House is a place where I can do a small part to affect the larger whole. My experience here has shown me that we all just want human connection. When I volunteer my intent is to offer hope and help. I believe that at the heart of it when we’re all connect, we are all better off.


I’ve met former business owns, professional musicians, farmers, health care workers, and people who were once vibrant contributor to the community. Helping out at Samaritan house has been a very fulfilling part of my life. Just a few hours a week has kept me grounded and allowed me to help others who are trying to help themselves. Most importantly it’s kept me connected to my broader community and I want to thank Samaritan house for providing a place where I feel like I can do my part.

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